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Why Kerstin Knaack?


A High Level of Practical Experience Transfer

Through me you benefit by gaining an exceptionally effective Consultant Competence. Through the combination of management & acting, I design your project with a high level of practical experience transfer. Together we will analyze your current challenges.  Next, I will visualize your daily business transaction where I will position myself at your disposal to act as your representative.  For example, I can be either your customers or your colleagues. In secure conditions, you have the opportunity to immediately convert the theoretical information you learned into practical application and you will optimize from this.

Guarantee of Satisfaction

We will work together for the first time. Therefore my guarantee of satisfaction is valid for you. This means, you compensate for the first seminar only if these correspond to your expectations which you communicated in advance.

Commitment to Society

I will donate 10% of your commission to a relief organization, that has successfully freed women from human trafficking: