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DISC® Profile


DiSC areas of application

There is a wide range of areas of application for DiSC:

Manager get sensitized to the personnel preferences and deficits in the figuration of their industrial relations. The DiSC management profile helps executives to develop their own management style, which is flexible for different situations and for different persons.

The DiSC sales profile is an important factor of success for millions of salesman, a business which becomes always more challenging.
With the DiSC sales profile you are able to concentrate much better on the requirements of your clients and thus to develop individual sales strategies. Salesmen get customer relationship manager.

Identification of manpower potential
DiSC helps you to become aware of your own behavior, even of your unknowing behaviour. DiSC also helps you to develop talents and to develop personality.

Personnel selection
The DiSC profile supports you in your selection of job applicants or for the career planning of your employees. It is able to recognize the person that fits into your team in the best way.

Team-/organization development
DiSG-Team View Report: To be successful in a team, it is important to know the potential of your team members and to know how to bring these forward. Each team member will get more effective if they are able to work at full strength. Working in a team means collaboration at the highest level. The DiSC team view reports supports you here.

If you have a complex process of change, the analysis with DiSC helps you to diagnose obstacles and to understand the dynamic of an organization. This is a good basis to act with more focus and speed.

Coaching + self-development
DiSC helps you to find your strengths, limits and potential for your personal self-development. So you learn to know yourself better and as a result to better deal with others.