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Key aspects of consulting: communication, sales, recruiting & personality development


Are you only still speaking or do you already communicate?

A quick explanation of the basic transaction of communication between two people would be as follows: the one person is the sender, who wants to send a message and the other is the receiver. It is the receivers’ responsibility to decipher the sent message. As a rule, both the send and the received messages should agree with each other, so that an understood agreement has taken place. However, frequently there are still many miscommunications that arise, as communication is the most complex and important skill that we as humans possess. Think about yourself and your communication partner, elevate your social competence. Through this you can enhance both your communication and your team skills, especially when it comes to handling critical situations and conflicts. People who show a higher social competence also are characterized by with having a higher sense of responsibility and better leadership skills. When you recognize that there is as difference between your personality and the personality of others, and in which ways they are different, you have almost won.

Through the analysis of human behavior preferences, you will develop, through our collaboration, a prerequisite to understanding your personality type, effective communication and how to equally alleviate daily conflicts. An improved self-understanding, through the use of the DiSG-Modell, will result in a better understand others.  Instead of passing judgement on another person, that we don’t understand, we can learn from these people and how to deal with to communicate with their personality type. This deeper insight is profitable in everyday situations, as well as in the work environment and in your personal surroundings.

You can communicate most efficiently when you understand your own behavior and behavior style, you are able to assess the requirements of each situation and when you are able to flexibly adapt your behavior accordingly.